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Our Services

Supporting our diverse communities, encouraging community cohesion and social inclusion.



We offer a range of services and resources to those in need, including our food pantry, community hub, and café. 

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Our Services

Food Pantry

The only food pantry in Birmingham that offers culturally sensitive foods to our diverse community members. We offer a subsided membership scheme for only £15 for the year, which entitles them to get a weekly shop for just £5. For £5 our beneficiaries receive up to £35 worth of fresh and nutritious produce, personal hygiene and household cleaning products.

Community Hub

The community hub offers a safe environment and warm space for our community members. This encourages community cohesion and social inclusion. It is also a welcome relief for those impacted by the cost of living crisis.

Rick's Cafe

Our Cafe is located within our community hub. The menu offers a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes. All meals are discounted for our food pantry members, and we are also open to the general public.

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