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Creating Brighter Futures

Discover how we encourage unity and social inclusivity through our food pantry and vibrant community hub.

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About Us

Our mission is to provide access to the essentials, improving the standard of living of those in need…

For over 12 years, Birmingham Care Group has been dedicated to serving our local communities, with a particular focus on supporting the vulnerable and elderly. Our journey began when we recognised the lack of access to culturally sensitive foods for the elderly. We are now the only food pantry of such provisions in the Birmingham area, but we have evolved to become more than just a food pantry. In response to the cost of living crisis, we've positioned ourselves strategically in one of the most deprived areas in the country. Here, we empower our community members by offering them the opportunity to shop twice weekly, restoring their independence to make informed choices for themselves and their families. Additionally, we've addressed the pressing issue of energy costs, witnessing firsthand the dire living conditions faced by many vulnerable individuals. Seeing the launch of our community hub, a warm welcoming space where people can come together, find solace and feel cared for fills us with immense joy as we witness the positive impact we can have on our community. At Birmingham Care Group, we are not just providers of essentials, we are creators of community and champions of compassion.

Eating Breakfast

Our mission is to provide access to the essentials, improving the standard of living of those in need…

Our Services

Food Pantry

The only food pantry in Birmingham that offers culturally sensitive foods to our diverse community members. We offer a subsided membership scheme for only £15 for the year, which entitles them to get a weekly shop for just £5. For £5 our beneficiaries receive up to £35 worth of fresh and nutritious produce, personal hygiene and household cleaning products.

Community Hub

The community hub offers a safe environment and warm space for our community members. This encourages community cohesion and social inclusion. It is also a welcome relief for those impacted by the cost of living crisis.

Rick's Cafe

Our Cafe is located within our community hub. The menu offers a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes. All meals are discounted for our food pantry members and we are also open to the general public. We can cater for breakfast or lunch meetings to be delivered directly to local businesses. 

Our Experience

Supporting Our Community with Empathy

Our full-time team, comprising of trustees, staff, and volunteers, brings extensive experience in the health and social care sector. We deeply empathise with the less fortunate and are committed to improving their standard of living. Continuously seeking funds and partnerships, we aim to extend our reach and support.

Our Vision

Ensuring nobody goes hungry...

Our primary goal in sustaining this project is to eradicate hunger within our community. We partner with several grassroots organisations that share our mission, collaborating closely to identify and swiftly assist those requiring our services. Our commitment extends beyond mere provision, we strive to offer consistent, empathetic and supportive aid to our most vulnerable citizens, fostering a stronger and more resilient community where assistance is most critical.


Saturday Night Takeaway

Nominated for services to our communities

Our Founder, Fiona Ramdeen and our team at Birmingham Care Group, including Sharon were honoured to be recognised by Saturday Night Takeaway as 2023 prize winners!!! Fiona and Sharon were presented with a trip to Florida by Ant and Dec live on TV! You can see the absolute shock on their faces - priceless! Well deserved recognition for the tireless work, vision and support to our community that Fiona has championed (usually behind the scenes) for more than a decade! Well done - great memories!

Play Your Part

How you can help?

The growing need for support has seen our pantry members exceed 400 members, where they get quality, nutritious and culturally sensitive foods for just £5 per week. However, our current funding only covers 200 of these members, which means we need immediate financial aid to continue serving those in need and potentially beyond. Please consider donating whatever you can afford, because even £10 pays for 20 meals, so every donation has the power to make a big difference.

News & Articles

What we’ve been up to...

As a charity, all proceeds are invested back into the charity so we can continue to deliver a high quality service for our beneficiaries. You can read more about our work by following the link below.

Creating brighter futures

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